Varès lake

Grateloup, St Gayrand church

Verteuil d'Agenais, view from Domaine de la Grave

Peach blossoms in the municipality of Tourtrès

Landscape near Montclar

Beaugas church

Coulx mill


The chalet is located in Verteuil-d'Agenais, a small town in West-Southern France, situated in Lot-et-Garonne in Aquitaine. It is part of the towns community "Lot et Tolzac".  The people who live in Verteuil-d'Agenais are called Verteuillais and Verteuillaises. There are 509 people living there.


Verneuil-d'Agenais is about 70 meters high. Its area is 22.42 km. The towns and cities close to Verneuil-d'Agenais are : Brugnac (47260) at 2.60 km far, Varès (47400) at 3.89 km far, Tourtrès (47380) at 4.55 km far, Labretonie (47350) at 4.62 km far, Coulx (47260) at 4.63 km far. The closest city from Verteuil-d'Agenais is Villeneuve-sur-Lot, located 24 km from there. You can find the closest railway station from Verneuil-d'Agenais in Tonneins (11 km)..

A region of values

Discover the South-West in Lot-et-Garonne! Situated in Aquitaine, between Bordeaux and Toulouse, the Lot-et-Garonne embodies all the values of the South-West spirit. Authentic and friendly, it promises friendly encounters to all green tourism lovers. Gourmand and generous, it is the first French county in its diversity of cultivated fruits and vegetables. Agen's prunes, Marmande's tomatoes, strawberries, kiwis, wines... the gastronomy and the local products are part of its identity. Welcoming and full of History, the Lot-et-Garonne offers lots of cultural activities, fun and recreational for a good holiday in the very heart of the South-West.

Heritage and culture

The musts

Many castles, country houses and museums, gardens or natural sites... the Lot-et-Garonne is full of remarkable sites rewarded with prestigious labels.

Country houses

Perched like Tournon d'Agenais, fluvial like Villeneuve-sur-Lot or fortified like Vianne, country houses, typical medieval cities of the South-West are organized around a central square with arcades. You can discover it at the Country houses museum in Monflanquin.

The "most beautiful villages in France"

Monflanquin and Pujols, two showpieces of the Middle Ages which deserve to be seen and offer to the hikers a breathtaking change of scenery.

The "major sites of Aquitaine"

They are the jewels of the Aquitain's heritage. Bonaguil is one of the most beautiful fortified castles in France, a model in military architecture. As to the Duras' castle, he drew the attention of Louis XVI.

"Remarkable gardens"

Let yourself be moved by the beauty of the lilies in the garden Latour Marliac in Temple-sur-Lot, a place for magical walks where blossoms the National French Collection of Nympheas. In Marmande, two sites have been distinguished by the Ministry of Culture : the elegant garden "à la Française" of the Cloître of the Church Notre-Dame and the Beauchamps Gardens.

The "Museums of France"

There are six in Lot-et-Garonne : museum of Beaux-Arts in Agen, the museum of Liège and cork in Mézin, museum of the castle Henri IV of Nérac, museum of the Prehistory of Sauveterre-la-Lémance and museum of Gajac in Villeneuve-sur-Lot.

The Lède valley

It is classified natural site since 1999. With its craggy rocks, windmills, villages with ochre colors and its impressive donjon, it offers a sumptuous decor. It is also the ideal place to practice many outside activities as climbing of archery.

Official links

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Serge Delpech's restaurant-butchery in Montclar

Baruteau's farm in Brugnac


Leisures park for children : Z'animoland

Baptism in ULM



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